Researchers from MIT Develops Robot Capable of Detecting Activity of Brain Cells ..

Posted: Juli 4, 2012 in Perkembangan IT

Researchers from MIT and the Georgia Institute of Technology finally succeeded in developing a robotic probe (robotic probe) to detect the activity of neurons or nerve cells in the human brain.

The researchers are developing a robot to automate the process of discovery and recording of information from human brain nerve cells. In addition, the robot is also able to provide useful information such as knowing the pattern of electrical activity, shape and even the profiles of the genes are active at any given moment.

This technology uses a robotic arm which is guided by the cell detection algorithm. The system is said to have been tested on rats living brain and can reach a maximum of accuracy and speed. Meanwhile, when tested on the human brain, the result is still unsatisfactory.

But definitely, this technology will be very useful for studying brain disorders such as schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, autism and epilepsy.

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